Privacy Policy

Privacy of Your Personal Details

Code2 Australia Pty. Ltd., which also trades as Targe Australia and Targe International, (herein known as "us" or "we") will only use the personal details you disclose to us as a means of replying to your enquiries or comments.

If we should receive personal details about you from a third party, such information will be treated under the same conditions as stated below.

We will never give, disclose or sell your personal details to a third party without your explicit consent unless that third party is acting as our agent and was directly contracted by us to provide you with a service you requested or where and when specific circumstances for disclosure apply.

Where and when we do give any of our agents your personal details, we will require those agents to provide us with a guarantee that they also will not give, disclose or sell your personal details onto another party and that they will store your personal details in reasonably practicable secured storage except for where and when specific circumstances for disclosure apply.

Should you become our client, any relevant personal details about you will be retained as part of standard and common commercial practices as would normally exist between a business and its client. Therefore, your personal details and any records containing that information would be used in the course of our business together. Your personal details will be securely stored in a reasonably practicable manner, as determined by us at the time and from time to time afterwards, and retained as a matter of good business governance or as may be required by Australian Law, or by the law of another jurisdiction when operating in that jurisdiction.

Specific Circumstances for Disclosure

Your personal details will be disclosed by us, or our agents, when and where:

a. there is a requirement in legislation or regulation to divulge such information to an authority or particular party within the country or jurisdiction where our services are performed,


b. it is otherwise required by a law enforcement authority upon presentation of a written judicial order or warrant stating which personal details are required, or


c. a judicial officer (judge, magistrate, arbiter, etc.) subpoenas or otherwise directly orders your personal details be provided to them, a court of law or any other party.

Limited Liability

We will take reasonably practicable measures to secure and protect your personal details where security of those details pertains to locally held storage maintained by us.

However, transmission of information in cyberspace is not 100% secure. Nor is the security of information stored on any computer or electronic device totally guaranteed.

Therefore, in no event or under any circumstances shall we be liable for any special, direct, indirect, consequential, or incidental damages or any damages whatsoever, whether in an action of contract, negligence or other tort, arising out of, or in connection with the security of your personal details while those details are in cyberspace transit or on external storage systems, such as, but not limited to: webservers, email servers, file servers and other cyberspace or network infrastructure including cloud storage services.

We will also not be held responsible or liable, in any way, for the security of your personal details while that information is in possession of our agents, a postal service and/or courier service.

Changes to this Policy

Subject to Australian Law, we reserve the right to make additions, deletions, or modifications to this privacy policy at any time without prior notice.

Contact for our Privacy Policy

If you have any concerns about this privacy policy, contact us directly using Contact Us.

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